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Disney's Treasure of Matecumbe

Treasure of Matecumbe

G | 117 min | Thursday, July 1, 1976

Cast: Robert Foxworth, Joan Hackett and Peter Ustinov

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  • Movie Description

    Adapted from Robert Lewis Taylor's novel and directed by Disney veteran Vincent McEveety, Treasure of Matecumbe is a 1976 Walt Disney Productions release, chronicling the quest of two young boys' search for alleged buried treasure in the Florida Keys.

    Set in the mid-1800s, the boys (Johnny Doran and Billy Attmore) run away from their home to seek out the treasure they've become convinced awaits them. Due to circumstances, the pair are forced to reveal their plans to a trio of adults, who eagerly agree to assist them. Unknown to the boys however, each of the three "helpers" have their own reasons for their actions. To further complicate the once-secret escapade, an unscrupulous, greedy band of treasure seekers is trailing their every step.

    The "grown-up" cast members include, Robert Foxworth, Joan Hackett, Peter Ustinov and Vic Morrow. Filmed in Kentucky and California, this nearly two-hour production is reasonably well-acted, but frequently gets bogged down in melodrama.

    Genre: Adventure

    Disney Movie Rating:

    68.17 out of 100. Total of 6 votes.

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