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Disney's Twas the Night

Twas the Night

NR | 84 min | Friday, December 7, 2001

Cast: Josh Zuckerman, Brenda Grate, Bryan Cranston, Jefferson Mappin

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  • Movie Description

    One of the Disney Channel's regular Holiday presentations since its' release in 2001 is the Original Movie favorite, 'Twas the Night Before. 'Twas the Night Before was directed by Nick Castle, whose other works include Dennis the Menace, The Boy Who Could Fly and The Last Starfighter. Castle also wrote the screenplay for the critically acclaimed August Rush, and holds the distinction of portraying Michael Myers in the 1978 cult classic Halloween.

    Blending intrigue, crime mystery, science fiction and the Yuletide may seem to be an unlikely mixture, but 'Twas the Night Before delivers, helped by an effective, largely under-the-radar cast, including Josh Zuckerman, Bryan Cranston, Jefferson Mappin and Brenda Grate.

    The storyline revolves around a man, Nick Wrigley (Cranston) on the run from criminals attempting to force him to deliver bank account information. Wrigley escapes his pursuers with the help of a Santa Claus suit and his mischievous nephew Danny (Zuckerman). The pair get mixed up with a time-freezing device on Christmas Eve and wind up going on Santa's appointed rounds.

    Genre: Christmas Comedy Disney Channel

    Disney Movie Rating:

    77.04 out of 100. Total of 236 votes.

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