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Disney's Ultimate Christmas Present, The

Ultimate Christmas Present, The

G | 85 min | Friday, December 1, 2000

Cast: Hallee Hirsh, Spencer Breslin and Hallie Todd

Movie Description

Santa Claus has either lost or misplaced his snow-making machine, and efforts to retrieve it form the basis for the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Ultimate Christmas Present.

The "culprits" turn out to be two 13-year old girls, Sam and Allie, who eventually figure out how to operate the machine, and subsequently utilize it to inundate Los Angeles with a snowstorm, with predictable, but hilarious results.

Mrs. Claus tries to assist her husband in locating the missing machine by employing two elves (Bill Fagerbakke, John Salley) to find the all-important gadget in time for Christmas Eve. At 7-foot tall, former NBA player Salley is unquestionably the biggest elf in cinema history. Meanwhile, the machine is out of control, and is now blanketing San Francisco with snow as well. Eventually, after replacing the machine with new batteries, the blizzard subsides, and Californians have a Christmas to remember.

Veteran comedy director Greg Beeman called the shots on "Ultimate," and he provides all the necessary touches to keep viewers laughing.

Genre: Christmas Comedy Disney Channel

Disney Movie Rating:

79.26 out of 100. Total of 89 votes.

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