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Disney's Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and Away

G | 90 min | Saturday, January 22, 2000

Cast: Robert Townsend, Michael J. Pagan and Alex Datcher

Movie Description

The Disney Channel Original Movie, Up, Up and Away is a fantasy-comedy involving the Marshalls, a most unusual family made up of average citizens by day who moonlight as superheroes in their "off-hours." Only 14-year old Scott (Michael J. Pagan) is "normal," and reconciling his position amongst his heroic, bigger-than-life relatives highlights the film.

Unathletic, socially awkward, and possessing none of the "super-powers" that every other family member has, Scott carries on a fairly miserable existence, exacerbated by the arrival of his 14th-birthday, apparently the "cut-off" date for obtaining super powers. He nonetheless finds his destiny when the rest of the family needs his assistance in rescuing them from their captors, a gang of dastardly, evil techno-villains.

Pagan is a hit as the disaffected teenager, while several familiar faces dot the cast, including Robert Townsend (who also directed), Alex Datcher, Olivia Burnette, Joan Pringle and in an all-too-brief turn as the Marshall family patriarch, Sherman Hemsley (television's George Jefferson.)

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Fantasy Science Fiction

Disney Movie Rating:

72.25 out of 100. Total of 62 votes.

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