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Disney's Victory Through Air Power

Victory Through Air Power

G | 70 min | Thursday, June 17, 1943

Cast: Alexander de Seversky, Art Baker

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  • Movie Description

    Based on a book by Alexander de Seversky, a Russian-American inventor and aviation pioneer, Victory Through Air Power is an animated feature film from Walt Disney Productions released in 1943. Tracing the history of aviation from the Wright Brothers forward, the film was a marked departure from the usual Disney animated features in that it served more as an educational film rather than as strictly entertainment.

    Since the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Disney Studios had produced a handful of animated features using the popular Disney characters in various military training films. With Victory Through Air Power, the intent was clearly not only to educate, but to boost morale among the U.S. military and their allies. In an unprecedented move, the Disney Studios sent a print of the film to the Quebec Conference, a secret military meeting between the U.S., British and Canadian governments. Reportedly, the film had a profound effect on the participants, so much so that soon afterward, the Allies made a renewed commitment to long-range bombing as a military tactic.

    Genre: Animated History War

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    61.72 out of 100. Total of 82 votes.

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