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Disney's White Fang 2

White Fang 2

PG | 106 min | Friday, April 15, 1994

Cast: Scott Bairstow, Charmaine Craig, Al Harrington, and Anthony Ruivivar

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  • Movie Description

    Filmed in Aspen and Vancouver, Walt Disney Pictures White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf, is the sequel to the hugely successful White Fang, originally a novel by legendary outdoor-adventure writer Jack London.

    In an attempt to save one of Alaska's last remaining native tribes from being forced from their territory by greedy miners, White Fang teams up with Henry (Ethan Hawke, reprising his role from the original) on a gold-mining quest, but catastrophe in the form of Mother Nature finds them at the mercy of a native tribe which rescues and cares for them when they wash ashore near their land. At first wary and uncomfortable among the natives, Henry and White Fang eventually agree to try and help the endangered tribe in their battle for justice and survival.

    Directed by Ken Olin, White Fang 2 features splendid background scenery and a standout cast besides Hawke, including Scott Bairstow, Charmaine Craig, Al Harrington, Anthony Ruivivar and Geoffrey Lewis.

    Genre: Action Adventure Dogs

    Disney Movie Rating:

    64.42 out of 100. Total of 50 votes.

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