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Disney's Wild Country, The

Wild Country, The

G | 100 min | Tuesday, December 15, 1970

Cast: Steve Forrest, Vera Miles and Ron Howard

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  • Movie Description

    A genre that Disney traditionally excels in, the wilderness family adventure, is the focus in the 1970 production of The Wild Country. Familiar faces dot the cast, including Steve Forrest, Vera Miles, Jack Elam, Rance Howard and his sons, Ron and Clint, Dub Taylor and Mills Watson.

    The Tanner family leave their Pittsburgh roots behind and head west to their newly purchased Wyoming ranch. Upon arrival however, they discover their property is in need of major rehabbing, and what's more, inhabited by a grizzled mountain man (Elam) and his Native American sidekick.

    Unscrupulous neighbors, a tornado, and a fire are added into the mix as the family struggles to make their new home and land inhabitable. Ron Howard (post Andy Griffith, pre Happy Days) is eventually the hero, taking matters into his own hands in defense of his father.

    One of Disney's finer non-animated "family" films, The Wild Country is an enjoyable, entertaining 100 minutes for all audiences.

    Genre: Adventure Western

    Disney Movie Rating:

    61.2 out of 100. Total of 6 votes.

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