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Disney's You Lucky Dog

You Lucky Dog

G | 89 min | Saturday, June 27, 1998

Cast: Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Noble, John de Lancie

Movie Description

A 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, You Lucky Dog follows the adventures of a dog psychiatrist (Cameron) who possesses the remarkable ability to read the canine mind. Despite that less-than-believable premise, You Lucky Dog is quite entertaining, blending action, romance and a "whodunit" caper involving the mysterious death of the master of Cameron's latest "patient."

The title character is played winningly by Bogus, who also happens to be sole heir to his late masters' estate and fortune. With Cameron's assistance, the true protagonists behind the deceased's demise are uncovered, and not surprisingly, they are jealous family members seeking a piece of the sizable fortune.

Directed by Paul Schneider, who previously was behind the camera for such productions as Baywatch, JAG, and Beverly Hills 90210. The film's signature musical number, Togetherness, was nominated for a 1999 Primetime Emmy for composer-lyricist(s) David Michael Frank and Todd Smallwood.

Genre: Comedy Disney Channel Dogs Fantasy

Disney Movie Rating:

81.16 out of 100. Total of 41 votes.

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