Pixar Movies

Since the creative talent of Pixar Animation Studios teamed up with the imagineers of Disney, magical, memorable, mesmorizing movies have been the result.  Who else could produce quality, classic feature films which stand the test of time like Toy Story, A Bugs Life, and Cars?  To paraphrase Pixar's corporate mission, the plan is to develop computer-animated films with heartwarming characters which will appeal to audiences of all ages.  With unforgettable characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen, Wall-E and Nemo; Pixar movies have certainly succeeded.

  Incredibles 2, The 2019
  Coco 2017
  Cars 3 2017
  Finding Dory 2016
  Good Dinosaur, The 2015
  Inside Out 2015
  Monsters University 2013
  Brave 2012
  Cars 2 2011
  Toy Story 3 2010
  Up 2009
  Wall E 2008
  Ratatouille 2007
  Cars 2006
  Incredibles, The 2004
  Finding Nemo 2003
  Monsters, Inc 2001
  Toy Story 2 1999
  Bugs Life, A 1998
  Toy Story 1995